Treasures of Bacchus


Duration: 10 hours

Price: from € 150.00 (per person)

Departure/ Arrival: Vicenza

Tour: Padua and its inland

Transfer: Vicenza/Padua; Padua/Vicenza



Cycling through the ancient lands of the early Venetians, descendants of Antenore, the founder of Padua, this tour explores the city of Padua and the villas surrounded by vineyards in the Euganean Hills.
In Villa Emo Capodilista, , the harmony of the architecture blends with the surrounding landscape. In the historic cellar, the balanced blends of grapes rest in oak barrels, which give the perfect of aromas and flavors of local wines.

Among the hills, we retrace the paths of the serene life of the Bishops in retreat in the villa in the countryside among terraces,vineyards and beautiful frescoes.

The appetite of the tired Palladian biker is restored on the panoramic terrace of the restaurant surrounded by beautiful countryside; local wines pair perfectly with the traditional dishes.

In the afternoon, the tour continues along the western side of the hills leading to the discovery of the ancient Castle of Veneza, , where merchants and soldiers relaxed with some food and wine.


Along the riverbanks of Bacchiglione, the nature of the rural landscape leads to the magnificence of Grimani Castle. Later, the aromatic wine notes are a pleasure for the senses; the last tasty reflection of the perfect day before coming back to Vicenza.

Treasures of Bacchus

N. of people
  • 1 .  E-Bike tour of the historic center of Padua


    2 . Harmony over the Hills: the landscape of Villa Emo Capodilista


    3 . The terraces on the vineyards of Villa dei Vescovi


    4 . The Euganean Hills at the table: traditional flavors and aromas 


    5. Veneza Castle: the “watering hole” for ancient merchants and travelers


    6. Many shades of Bacchus: tasting experience

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