The Carraresi Walls


Duration: 9 hours


Departure: Vicenza

Arrival: Vicenza



Over time, the memory of the great noble families and their valiant deeds remains engraved: this tour tells of the powerful Paduan family of the Carraresi and the red cart, witness of their dominion over the ancient lands of Padua.

The tour begins in the enchanting Villa Contarini in Piazzola.


After riding along Brenta River, you will reach Cittadella, where the fortified walls preserve the beauty of the city like a precious secret treasure chest. Walking the ancient perimeter at a height of 45 feet/15 meters is a journey through time. Enjoy an aperitif with a marvelous view of the ancient walls before having a tasteful lunch.

Gently riding the E-Bike, we continue towards the town of Castelfranco, an ancient port of call for trade with the north. The streets of the town center share centuries of history of the powerful family.
In the Clock Tower, the red chariot in the vault is a historical reminder of the glorious past of the "safe" city.

After the visit, we enjoy the Paco Bolasco Park where a procession of white statues admires the enchanting lake of water lilies creating an idyllic scene.


The Carraresi Walls

  • 1 .  Villa Contarini: the imposing Villa in Piazzola sul Brenta.


    2 . The high view point of Cittadella: a walk around the historical walls


    3 . Selection of delicacies in the tavern: traditional dishes


    4 . The lush nature of the Carraresi Lands: E-Bike route


    5. The frescoed vault of the Clock Tower: the red chariot of the great noble family


    6. The water lilies of Paco Palasco Park, a stone's throw from the center