The Call of the Lake Nymphs


Duration: 9 hours

Price: from € 160.00 (per person)

Departure/ Arrival: Vicenza

Tour: Lake Garda, Mincio river

Transfer: Vicenza/Lazise; Lazise/Vicenza



This Garda tour begins from the eternal shores of Lake Garda as we discover the stories and tales of the region. In the village of Lazise, centuries of history are brought to life between the towers of the ancient castle and the old Venetian Custom House. Breakfast in the square is the day’s first pleasure.


On the E-Bike, heading towards the northern side of the lake, we pass beautiful landscapes of vineyards and olive groves growing abundantly thanks to the mild climate.In the Bay of Sirens, among the reflections of crystal clear water stands the Rock of the Star, a beautiful nymph with a sad fate. Among the trees of the Garda Riviera is the perfect place for lunch as we enjoy the tranquility of the bay.

In the afternoon, the tour continues along the eastern shore of the lake until you reach the town of Malcesine, set like a precious jewel between water and land, protected by its Castle and the prominence of the nearby mountains.

Onboard the boat it is time to appreciate the coast of the lake from the water, where the coastal villages are small gems of incomparable beauty.

The Call of the Lake Nymphs

  • 1 . Discovering the village of Lazise amidst Scaligeri memories and Venetian galleys


    2 . E-Bike ride through the idyllic landscape of the lake


    3 . The Bay of Sirens and the legend of Stella


    4 . Malcesine between water and land


    5. Boat trip along the east coast discovering the pearls of the Riviera