Coffee Break with the Ladies of the Hills


Duration: 5 hours (afternoon experience)




From Monday to Thursday:

- Adult: 70 €;

- Children 4 to 14 years old (includes e-bike rental/limited seats)  45 €;

- Toddlers up to 3 years old (includes kid e-bike rental/limited seat rental) 14 €.


From Friday to Sunday:

- Adult: 90 €;

- Children 4 to 14 years old (includes e-bike rental/limited seats)  60 €;

- Toddlers up to 3 years old (includes kid e-bike rental/limited seat rental) 18 €.


Departure: Vicenza

Arrival: Vicenza



From Palazzo Valmarana Braga, starting point, the streets and sumptuous palaces of Vicenza train the eyes to the beauty of the city and the lands shaped by the genius Palladio.

The Winged Lion, proud and mighty, from the triumphant Arch of Porta Monte watches over the beginning of the Riviera Berica. In the air the delicate scent of the roses in the garden announces the elegant presence of Villa Valmarana ai Nani, adorned for the occasion by the precious frescoes of Tiepolo.

From the terrace of the Café, time stands still and it is time for refreshment in the tranquility of the Villa's garden. A few pedals further on, the perfect symmetries appear in all the harmonious beauty of Villa La Rotonda, which dominates the entire surrounding landscape from the top of its hill.
In Valletta del Silenzio, the nature of this Oasis of tranquillity accompanies the slow pace of the E-Bike and of the traveller, still absorbed in the beauty of the Villas.

Along the Riviera, the sweetest of the arts is displayed in the appetizing showcases: artisans of taste elaborate the finest pastry, to offer a delicious moment of relaxation.

At Villa Guiccioli, the memory of the patriots is alive and in the large historical park, the moumental trees narrate the values of great men. Vicenza reveals itself like a precious stone in a breathtaking panorama, framed between mountains and sky.
At the old bars tables of Palladio's tiny square, the flavors of the traditional venetian aperitif are served and from the first taste, it is a feast for the palate.


Coffee Break with the Ladies of the Hills

  • 1 .  The Winged Lion of Porta Monte guards its Riviera


    2 . The precious ornament of Villa Valmarana ai Nani frescoed by Tiepolo


    3. Coffee time and relax from Villa Valmarana ai Nani’s terrace


    4. The perfect shapes of Villa La Rotonda dominate the hill.


    5. The green dome and the bell tower of Monte Berico, sacred symbol of Vicenza.


    6. Final aperitif in the shadow of the Basilica.


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