Euganean Harmony




Departure with your Palladian luxury van from Vicenza.


Once arrived in Monselice, the ancient castle and walls welcome the visitors for a guided tour.


Este, the antique feud of the Estensi, between walls, castles and luxurious palaces of the ancient lord of the Reinassance. Aperitif in the historical square.


Harmonies of taste and smell, typical lunch in the enchanting town of Arquà.


The garden of Valsanzibio: the monumental park of Villa Barbarigo leads the guest to the salvation through a voyage across the past and the present. Visit to the garden.


The peaceful life at the Abbey of Praglia marked by the antique Benedictine Rule that still lives among the cloisters. Visit to the Abbey.


It's finally time to go back to Vicenza.

Euganean Harmony

  • 1 . Monselice: walking though a history of castles and ancient walls


    2 . Este: Aperitif in the square of the fortified town


    3 . Taste of tradition in the fascinating Arquà


    4 . Get lost in the majestic garden of Valsanzibio 


    5 . The peace of the Abbey of Praglia