From Vine to Wine




Our destination: Valpolicella

Departure from Vicenza at around 10am.

Arrival in Vicenza at around 5pm.


The winery of Corte Borghetti, with hundreds of years of tradition, welcomes the travellers with the finest wines of the Classic Valpolicella region.


After a brief exploration of the Hills with your Palladian luxury van, lunch will be the best experience to enjoy with a glass of wine.


In the afternoon, let yourself explore Villa Mosconi Bertani with a visit of the majestic Villa before your transfer back to Vicenza.


This tour is available every day of the week

From Vine to Wine

  • 1. Corte Borghetti: tasting experience in the heart of Classic Valpolicella


    2. Lunch with the taste of tradition and wine.


    3. Villa Mosconi Bertani: visit to the majestic Villa in the heart of Valpolicella region.