Unmasking the stories of Venice


Duration: 8 hours

Price: from € 120.00 (per person)

Departure: Venice

Arrival: Venice



The soft winter fog embraces the leafless trees all around Calli and Campielli in Venice.
Walking through the ancient Sestiere of San Polo, the Great Schools of San Giovanni Evangelista and San Rocco, preserved priceless masterpieces.


In the windows of the papier-mâché artisans is a myriad of shapes and colors: among the skilled hands of these artists, the traditional venetian masks and the famous "Commedia dell'Arte" spring to life.
You will have a journey through time, towards the Serenissima Republic with its theatrical representations.

In the birthplace of Carlo Goldoni,the memory of his comedies and the costumes of Venetian nobles emerge, which, in that era mesmerised the audiences within the opulent theaters.


The busy innkeepers adorn the typical Bacari (Venetian Bar) bar counters with yummy delicacies; they are ready to offer you the "ombre" (small glasses of wine) and the tasty "cicchetti" (local Venetian appetisers).


In the afternoon, the journey continues through the Jewish district in the Sestiere Cannaregio reaching San Mark’s Square, echoing with the great writers from Goethe to Thomas Mann, arriving at the marble bar counter so much loved by Hemingway to celebrate their immortal words.

How? Enjoying a beloved Bellini Cocktail invented at the famous Harry's Bar.



Unmasking the stories of Venice

  • 1 .  Winter enchantment in Venice: an intriguing walking tour to discover an unusual enegmatic city


    2 .  Between Goldoni and the Commedia dell'Arte: the centuries-old tradition of Venetian Masks


    3 .  Journey through the flavors of the Serenissima Republic: between Bacari and Osteria


    4 .  Trace literary history between Calli and Campielli: relive the places made legendary by the most famous writers