Labyrinth of colors and stones


Duration: 9 hours

Price: from € 140.00 (per person)

Departure/ Arrival: Vicenza

Tour: Lake Garda, Mincio river

Transfer: Vicenza/Lazise; Verona/Vicenza



In the narrow stone streets of the charming village of Lazise begins this family tour to discover Lake Garda. The center is a labyrinth of palaces that tell an ancient story, Venetian galleys that came to the Port of the old Lake Garda Customs House with tales of princes and ladies from the fortified castle mingling with the fragrances of the lake.

On the E-Bike, a journey through nature leads to a submerged world.
The bright colors of the fish in the Sea Life Aquarium welcome you to the underwater world, to discover its many secrets, lose yourself in the magical labyrinth of the large saltwater jars.

For aperitif time, we ride our E-Bike to the destination of Peschiera del Garda, where the calm emerald waters reflect the rays of the sun, illuminating the beautiful red stone walls of the city.
Following the course of the Mincio river river we weave our way through ever changing natural landscapes towards the charming village of Valeggio.

In the citadel, the Tortellino, the great traditional dish is served: a flavor journey for the senses.


In the afternoon, from the maze of the south wing, the local song of the Great Oak tells its stories and adventures of the colorful flowers of Sigurtà Park.

Labyrinth of colors and stones

  • 1 . Enjoy the enchanting narrow stone streets of the village of Lazise


    2 . Discover the colours of the sea: Sea Life Aquarium


    3 . E-Bike cycling: destination the charming Borghetto sul Mincio


    4 . The King of Tortellini in Valeggio Sul Mincio


    5. The labyrinth of Parco Sigurtà and the tales of the Great Oak Centenary