The golden passion of the Rebel


Duration: 8,30 hours

Price: from € 95.00 (per person)

Departure: Venice

Arrival: Venice



Amidst the Calli of the city with its magnificent facades and the treasured interiors of the palaces and the imposing churches, recalls the time of the Great Commission of the Serenissima.
This tour will tell you the story of Jacopo Tintoretto, the Rebel of Venice, the brilliant artist of Serenissima between sacred and profane.

In the morning, the gold and light of the magnificent Madonna dell'Orto’s canvas illuminate the new perspectives of Tintoretto's art.
In his first work, commissioned by the School of the Blessed Sacrament, the painting took shape in the Church of San Cassiano which is a treasure chest of the masterpieces of Tintoretto “The Rebel”.

In Rialto's stores, the young Tintoretto bought his colors and style and looked for new clients. Today, as then, the market area is one of the vibrant hearts of the city, among spice merchants from distant lands and fish delicacies of the Venice Lagoon.

At the tolling of the bell tower of San Silvestro, traditional dishes are served for the lavish lunch.

In the afternoon, the visit begins with the entrance to the modest church of Santa Maria Mater Domini, inside, the large gold frame preserves and tells the extraordinary story (with triumphant use of color) of St. Helen liberating the Christians.
Continuing through the Calli, in the Sestriere of San Polo the life of the Venetians is an acknowledgement to the gentler pace of the times. Entering through the sacred door of the red brick church, the wooden ceiling leads to the priceless beauty of the Last Supper where shapes and colors form the artist's masterpiece.

In the great Scuola di San Rocco,, the walls are truly a feast for the eyes: the large rooms are the glorious and eternal legacy of The Rebel in the service of the historic Venetian brotherhood.



The golden passion of the Rebel

  • 1 .  The gold and lights of the Canvases of the Church of tyhe Madonna dell'orto


    2 .  The church of San Cassiano and the painted treasures of the Confraternity of San Cassiano


    3 .  Between Bacari and Osterie of tradition: aperitif and lunch in "Campo San Silvestro"


    4 .  Saint Helen Empress painted by the Rebel: visit the church of Santa Maria Mater Domini


    5 .  Church of San Polo: the triumph of shapes and colors in the Last Supper


    6 .  The Great School of San Rocco: The Old and New Testments from the eyes of the artist