The Venetian Fellowship


Duration: 9 hours

Price: from € 110.00 (per person)

Departure: Venice

Arrival: Venice



Among the historic districts of Venice, you can hear the echoes of the great nobles conversing with the people going to the meetings in the Great Schools of the city.


This tour leads to the discovery of four Great Schools, symbols of cultural and humanitarian brotherhoods of Venice. The tour begins in the Scuola Grande dei Carmini, , where the ancient furnishings of the devotees and charitable associates are surrounded by religious frescoes by Tiepolo.
Like precious gems, set in the gilded inlaid ceiling, Tintoretto's canvases adorn the chapter house of the Scuola Grande di San Rocco, the richest and most long-lived Scuola Grande in the city.

The symbolic Eagle overlooks the marble entrance to the Scuola Grande of St. John the Evangelist, which today still houses the confraternity that has been meeting for over 700 years to admire its masterpieces.


At midday, it is time for a Venetian aperitif in a local Bacaro to continue with lunch in the cozy atmosphere of the tavern.


in the afternoon, the walk leads to the Scuola Grande di San Marco, so important that it received the name of the city's great patron saint. In the great chapter room, with its golden leaf ceiling, the winged Lion watches over the six canvases of the great artists.

Continuing along the promenade of the Sestriere di Cannareggio, you will come across the Kosher shops and the palaces of the old ghetto of the city, which evokes the memory of difficult times and a new found serenity.

The Venetian Fellowship

  • 1 .  Walk in the Sestrieri of Dorsoduro and San Polo with a visit to the painted treasures of the Grande Scuola dei Carmini and the Grande Scuola di San Rocco and San Giovanni Evangelista


    2 .  In the convivial atmosphere of the Venetian Bacaro, aperitif with Cicchetti tasting


    3 . Delights for the palate: typical lunch with tasty local Venetian dishes


    4 .  Discovery of the Grande Scuola di San Marco and the Sestriere di Canareggio


    5 .  Walking through the shops and palaces of the Jewish Ghetto