Verona Picta Urbi


Duration: 7 hours

Price: from € 110.00 (per person)

Departure: Verona

Arrival: Verona



Verona tells the story of three of its ancient porphyry paved streets and red brick walls, the ancient history of Roman times that inspired the greatest artists of the Renaissance.
The tour begins in the Basilica of San Zeno, where the view is captured by the grandeur of its wooden ceiling and is led to the new perspective of Andrea Mantegna.

The fortified towers of Castelvecchio today preserve the beauty of the Museum of Renaissance Painting Veronese: colors and new spaces are a journey into the artistic mindset of the new Western art.

At aperitif time, the tavern offers the most authentic tradition: tasty meatballs and appetizing croutons accompanied by incredible wines from the local Morainic Veronese Hills.

Continuing the walk through the streets of the city center you can see the frescoed facades of the noble palaces: in Piazza dei Signori the richness of the city is echoed among marble porticos and elegant arcades.

In the deconsecrated church, the aromas of traditional dishes pervade the air and the garnet shades of Amarone color the table set for an unusual lunch.

In the afternoon, the walk leads to the discovery of the Veronese artists, along the banks of the Adige river among shops with craftsmen of their hometown, and ends with a visit to the artist signed work in the church of San Paolo.

Verona Picta Urbi

  • 1 .  The grandiose ceiling of the Basilica of San Zeno and the altar piece by Andrea Mantegna


    2 .  The fortified walls of Castelvecchio, a treasure chest of art: visit the Renaissance collection


    3 .  Delicacies of Verona: a traditional lunch with a glass of Amarone in the deconsecrated church